We are passionate growers with over 30 years of combined experience in cannabis cultivation, specializing in regenerative agriculture.


North Fork Valley

North Fork Agriculture specializes in the cultivation of medical hemp. We address the agricultural needs of the market through genetic research, propagation and cultivation of hemp. Spanning across the North Fork Valley of the Gunnison river in Colorado, our farms form part of a uniquely fertile landscape, removed from pollen drift. At an altitude of 5600 feet, a rare micro climate allows us to grow hemp with exceptional characteristics.


“I deeply believe in Cannabis and its potential to transform the unsustainable practices of our times. ”



North Fork Agriculture currently manages three projects across the North Fork Valley: North Fork Biologic, a genetics operation that focuses on the selection, breeding and propagation of state of the art hemp varieties; North Fork Ecologic, our 18 acre home farm, specializing in the cultivation of boutique hemp; and North Fork Agrarian, an industrial scale hemp farming project with over 200 acres of farmland dedicated to growing feminized seed under pivot irrigation.

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Our Approach

We are committed to bringing consistent, high-quality hemp to the market. We perform tissue analysis at every stage of the plant’s life and customize soil fertility regiments specifically to each farm’s soil-chemistry. By applying cutting-edge agronomic principles derived from molecular biology, horticulture and regenerative agriculture, we are able to nurture our plants to their fullest genetic potential.



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Our company grew from an 18 acre pilot farm to a 200 acre operation within two years. Starting off with only six founding members, we quickly became a central business and communal hub in our area. We provide living wage employment opportunities for 65 people and are a major source of capital flow throughout our community. Our success in the first season of 2018 has enabled us to grow rapidly and become market leaders in hemp farming.

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Our Products

North Fork Agriculture specializes in meeting the needs of the medical hemp market. We supply high performance genetics, well crafted smokable flower and cannabinoid rich biomass. While we currently do not offer hemp extracts, we are able to produce all forms of hemp derived extracts with one of our partner labs upon request.

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